Evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould writes with refreshing openess and honesty. Unlike the  standard commercial writing of the business world, Gould essays have an integrity forged from observance of strict scientific method. The 1993 book Eight Little Piggies is the sixth collection of the some of the essays which Gould has written monthly  
without fail for over 20 years! They are all marvelous; intelligent views of our world presented with academic precision in an entertaining and meaningfuly way. 
Numerous interesting topics are discussed in this volume, including the Invisible Hand as biological model, Mozart and Modularity, and the importance of authenticity in human experience. I most wanted a picture of the importance of scale which evolutionary biology imparts to our being. In these charts, I find the acceleration of change an interesting feature. 

(i also wouldn't mind a morph from first cell to human)

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