Solo Projects
Far Leaves Tea
I designed and produced the buk of this Web Commerce site. Originally supported by an Intershop (so-called) Solution, I am in the final stages of implementing a custom commerce solution built with my great friends at VuJade. When you get a chance, do check out TEA IS GOOD
Oak View Growth Services
This site (currently version 3) is mostly for my own Amusement, but also so that i get a chance to learn/practice the web develoment tools and technologies used on projects I manage. For this site, I pasted in a handful of JavaScripts, created all the images, copy, and information design, and I played around a bit with Flash and QuickTime. Those who have seen the previous version of will notice the significant reuse of content in the strategy section of this site.

Projects with MindSphere of Point Reyes
Since 1997, I have served in a variety of website production roles for this small, high-end firm in Point Reyes, California. For, I helped determine target audiences, and specific segment messages. I managed development tasks and tracked progress against a production matrix.
For this Marketing & Communication website, I functioned as the primary client contact, and managed a small team of developers over a 2 month development cycle. This business application development company makes software to enhance product development and marketing launch business processes. see
Barclays Global Investors
This Intranet Project for a global investment bank involved building templates to be implemented in a Cold Fusion solution. As primary client contact, I worked with the MindSphere production team to deliver a daily news and information intranet template.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solutions Group
The part of HP that makes servers, telecommunication hardware, and a wide range of business solutions contracted with MindSphere to develop a Web Publishing System using Informix and Domain XE. I served as content manager for a handful of group and division-level sites. HP has since standarized on a less vivid interface.
Hewlett Packard Printing & Imaging
Developed by MindSphere as a Product Demonstration module for a handful of HP Printer product managers, this collection of sites included virtual product demos programmed in Quick Time, Java, and Director. I served as project manager and content manager as necessary over 18 months of ongoing client relationship.
Women's Wisdom Project
For this Pro-Bono project I managed two junior web production people, and guided a web-novice, volunteer client through the creation of a Marketing and Communication website for a Sacramento Non-Profit for women's art education. If you donate money to this kind of thing, you may want to check out

In a Previous Life
Before rolling up my sleves and getting my hands dirty in all the production work involved in creating IP distributed products, I was the CFO for a small company called vivid studios. My three year history with that firm (recently acquired for the third time in as many years) began during the CD ROM era and worked through some major industry milestones as we began building the first big corporate internet sites for companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Bell Atlantic. At Vivid, I was in charge of all accounting and operations, human resource development, and project management reporting infrastructure. I also served on the executive committee and played an integral role in developing strategy for the firm. In 1997, I quit and began working as a free agent. I continue to be interested in learning about new business projects.

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